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Common Pest Problems In The Pacific Northwest

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Aspen Pest Control

Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are many things that set us apart from the rest of the country, such as our laid-back lifestyle. However, our climate is also unique. This is due to its weather patterns which widely differ from the rest of the continental United States.

The weather tends to stay temperate in temperature, ranging from 55-65 degrees on average, with much higher-than-average rainfalls, creating a warmer and more moist environment.

While this, to no surprise, can affect the vegetation and general population who lives around here–clouds and rain a good portion of the time–it also affects the species of pests that can thrive in this type of environment.

Below are the most common pests that thrive in this temperate environment.

Box Elder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs tend to be more common in summer and winter months when the most significant changes in temperature occur. Named for the tree in which they mostly inhabit, Boxelder Bugs, also love to inhabit your homes.

Many residents in the Pacific Northwest note that Box Elder Bugs will enter the home through little cracks in walls and places where there is interior warmth and cool offered to them depending on the season.


Ants typically live in wooded areas, inside the trees and bushes, to keep safe. The Pacific Northwest is known for its lush forests, so ants are forever abundant in this part of the country.

Between the availability of trees and warmer climates, ants usually hang around the entrances to homes–waiting to enter.

While Carpenter and House Ants favor the vegetation outside, Sugar Ants (which are prevalent on this side of the United States) tend to go for treats inside your home. Leaving any food out leaves you vulnerable to Sugar Ants entering your home–a common problem here.


While the Pacific Northwest is home to over 500 spiders, the Hobo Spider is the most known and notorious spider. Its notoriety comes from the fact that it is believed to be poisonous and a bite can be painful, often compared to the bite of a Brown Recluse.

Hobo Spiders will find themselves entering your home during the cooler parts of the year, spinning funnel webs in your home in harder to reach places. You probably won’t see them during the day as they are most active at night. This, plus their tendency to need shelter and warmth, is cause for concern among residents on this side of the country.

Stink Bugs

One of the most unwelcome guests on our list is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug–a local to the Pacific Northwest. They made their debut in this part of the country around 2004 and have been making a stink ever since.

Stink Bugs will typically enter your home in the winter months, hide in cracks, and begin their flight towards lights when you least expect it. They can be somewhat annoying with their buzzing around and will travel in hordes into homes. Currently, there are no significant predators of Stink Bugs, so the population continues to flourish.

These are the most prominent pest problems you can find in the Pacific Northwest. Don’t think that these are the only invaders though, as many other pests also call this part of the United States their home as well.

Here at Aspen Pest Control, we’re locals and are extremely knowledgeable about all the pests that love our region as much as we do–as well as all of the problems they cause. We’re standing by to help fight off these unwanted guests with our environmentally-friendly pest control solutions. Call us today to schedule an inspection and reclaim your home.

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