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Do I Need Quarterly Pest Control in West Linn?

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Aspen Pest Control

If you’re like most people, “pest control” is not something that springs to mind when asked the question, “What’s the key to a more stress-free home life?” Hey, we’re a home and commercial pest extermination service, and we understand that. Odds are, you have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and chores to do (in addition to a whole slew of other things, right?) 

But those are the precise reasons we encourage folks just like you in West Linn and the greater Portland and Southwest Washington area to consider quarterly pest control. You don’t think you need it, but boy-oh-boy, when you need it, you really need it. 

Ant infestations, rodent’s nests, spiders and stinging insects — these are not necessarily things you want to deal with “in the moment.” Our expert pest technicians have the experience, skills, and equipment to make your experiences with pests virtually non-existent, so if we’re able to make your life that much simpler or free of stress through our services, then mission accomplished! We find the key to this relaxed, pest-free life is through what we call the Home Protection Plan.

What is the Aspen Pest Control Home Protection Plan?

The Aspen Pest Control Home Protection Plan is pest control for all seasons! It’s a quarterly pest control service that is incredibly effective because it takes care of the pest problems you have today and prepares your household for the pests that are soon on their way! Because of the seasonal nature of most pests and the distinct times of year when these individual pests are most active, the Home Protection Plan has far and away become the top choice for our new clients. 

We believe so deeply in the benefits of this service that we back it with a 100% service satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you have pests return in between your regularly scheduled quarterly appointments, one of our pest control technicians will return to your home for additional treatments — free of charge! 

Even more reasons to love the Aspen Pest Control Home Protection Plan

  • Sustainable pest control per treatment cost — a great value for your investment!
  • It’s proactive! Pest control is simpler and more effective when you can plan for it vs. having to treat it reactively, and that’s exactly why we created the Home Protection Plan.
  • Includes spider web and wasp or hornet nest removal.
  • There’s never a lapse in your home’s protection! Most pest products break down naturally in about 90 days, and that’s why the Home Protection Plan keeps that product effective with quarterly application! 
  • It’s convenient! Once you’ve had your initial consultation and service, you don’t need to be home for your quarterly services (that is, unless you want to or you’re having pest troubles inside the home.) 
  • It’s eco-friendly! Our materials and processes are 100% kid- and pet-friendly and safe for the environment.
  • The home protection plan is applicable to rodents and insects.
  • Have a crawlspace or attic? Hate going in it? No worries! We’ll do it for you, and we’ll check for standing water and pest activity at no extra charge to you.
  • We’ll never surprise you. We’ll give you a call before we come over and we’ll always provide a detailed service report on your door and email you a receipt.

Can I treat pests on my own?

Listen, we’re total DIY-ers when it comes to home improvement projects, gardening, and all sorts of other things in or around the house, so we completely understand when people are ambitious enough to take on home pest control. Honestly, it makes sense, especially considering the abundance of off-the-shelf pest control products you can purchase at hardware and home improvement stores. 

Our issue with these products has less to do with their DIY-ness and more to do with their effectiveness. Many ant sprays on the retail market, for instance, deal more with those ants that are visible more so than actually treating an ant infestation at its root — the colony likely in the wall voids. In fact, some of these sprays, if used incorrectly, can actually cause larger problems as they can fracture the colony you’re trying to treat, effectively creating two colonies when you thought you were actually ridding yourself of your ant problem. What a pain!

Aspen Pest Control uses commercial-grade baits and a liquid application in the areas where ants are active in the home so that they take the products back to the heart of the colony and effectively exterminate the ants at their source. 

What’s more, it’s not just the extermination products to keep in mind when dealing with a pest problem, but it’s the frequency, the know-how, and the equipment you’re using to get the job done that makes all the difference. A variety of pest problems can happen all year long, and because of that, we want to give you a little extra peace of mind and the confidence of a job expertly done by professionals who are dedicated to their craft. Your friends and neighbors in West Linn deserve the best in pest control, and so do you!

What else can I do to prevent pest infestations in West Linn?

There are numerous things — small changes in habits — that you can embrace in order to make your life just a little more pest-free. Here are just a few that we recommend.

  • Reduce the clutter: We know that this can be a tough one, but those areas of your home where we all like to store things — our garages, attics, sheds, basements, and the like — are exactly where pests like rodents and spiders like to build nests or lay eggs. They are relatively private, safe, and undisturbed. By periodically tidying these areas up and getting rid of your clutter, you’re effectively reducing opportunities for pets to thrive. 
  • Pet foods, feed, trash, recycling, and compost: If you keep storage bins for trash, recycling, compost, or items like pet food or birdseed outdoors or in accessible storage areas, then you should know that their odors will attract pests to your home, and these sources of food will keep them in your home. Be careful! The best thing to do to manage these items is to keep them in bins that can be tightly sealed, minimizing odors and access. It is also recommended that you regularly turn compost to encourage breakdown of organic matter. 
  • Door and window seals, foundations, chimneys, and brickwork: Pests: if you give them access points to your home, they will find them and they will use them! We recommend regularly reviewing the exterior of your home to make sure that things like your foundation or any brickwork like that found in a chimney is free of cracks. Not only can these things cause structural issues with your home, they’re also easy passage ways for pests! Same goes with broken door or window seals. Insects need just the tiniest of spaces in order to enter your home, and pests like mice need an opening approximately the size of a dime to pass through! 
  • Overgrowth of vegetation near the home: Rodents feel safest when they’re out of sight of predators (or those of use they perceive as predators. Even when inside the home, they stick to the perimeters of spaces vs. traveling out in the open as often as they can. When they’re outside, it’s no different. Because of this, we always recommend keeping vegetation well-maintained and away from the home. This gives rodents less coverage and helps to keep them away from your home. 
  • Remove standing water: Standing water attracts all sorts of pests across the insect and rodent spectrum. If you want to keep these pests out of your yard and away from your home, then we highly recommend that you remove any standing water that you find on your property, including that which can be found under your home or in the crawlspace. Don’t love going down into your crawlspace? We get it! And we’re happy to go down there ourselves to check it out for you!

Isn’t it finally time you considered year-round pest control services? Call Aspen Pest Control today to learn how we’ve become West Linn’s preferred provider of extermination services. 

We’d be happy to help you!

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