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“Are the Pests Going to Come Back?” Why Battle Ground Loves the Aspen Pest Control Home Protection Plan

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Aspen Pest Control

“Are the pests going to come back?” This is a question that we, quite understandably, hear over and over again from our clients, whether we’re helping them to exterminate ants, rodents, stinging insects — any pest, really. 

Homeowners want to know that once they’ve discovered something as unsettling as an infestation in their homes, that the services they’re investing in are going to be effective, and that they can have peace of mind to get back to their lives with one less worry. 

But back to that question: Will the pests come back? The answer is it depends. It’s not a satisfying answer, but it is the truth. We guarantee that our services can effectively kill the pests you currently have, but the conditions that can foster new infestations are based on environmental factors that create ideal conditions for pests to thrive.

Permanent pest control requires ongoing treatment of trouble areas in addition to preventative maintenance of your home and property. It’s all about eliminating or reducing the opportunities for pests to be drawn to your yard. That’s precisely why we designed the Home Protection Plan. 

What is the Aspen Pest Control Home Protection Plan?

Simply put, the Aspen Pest Control Home Protection Plan is year-round pest control, tailored specifically to the pests most likely to invade your home and property. 

When we started our business, we wanted our clients to feel more satisfied with the pest control services they were receiving. There are a wide variety of pests that can invade your home and property. They all nest, breed, and expand their colonies and populations on very different schedules. 

In order to combat this near-constant invasion of clients’ health and security, we knew our clients deserved a more comprehensive approach to pest control, a comprehensive service that addresses these distinctions in nuisance pests when they’re most likely to happen. Or, perhaps even more accurately, before these pest infestations happen, so you don’t have to deal with their effects at all.   

The Home Protection plan is a pest control service that is delivered on a quarterly basis in order to ensure that, no matter what the season is, your home and property are protected from pest outbreaks. 

Your Aspen Pest Control technician safeguards your home by treating your home’s most vulnerable exterior areas. These treatments can include the home’s interior, as well, at no additional cost to you, should you choose this option. That’s one of the beauties of the Home Protection Plan — it can be tailored to your family’s unique needs.

The Home Protection Plan in Battle Ground includes

  • Reasonable annual pricing for a valuable service, delivered by licensed, insured, bonded, and effective local technicians
  • Free, unlimited re-treatments between your regularly scheduled quarterly service should pests return
  • Complimentary interior inspection and treatment — including the crawlspace!
  • 100% kid- and pet-safe, eco-friendly approach to pest extermination
  • Includes insect and rodent control
  • Also includes comprehensive wasp nest and spider web removal

Why does quarterly pest control matter in Battle Ground?

There’s a good reason that over 90% of our new clients choose the Home Protection Plan for their pest extermination services. Actually, there are three!

Aspen’s quarterly pest control is preventative

Most people’s approach to pest control is a reactive one. This means waiting until infestations occur before treating for pests. This also means that pests are probably causing disruptions in your life. Taking a proactive, preventative approach through a regularly scheduled quarterly service means that you’re less likely to experience infestations, but if you do, then you already have a support team in place ready to help you manage the pests!

Aspen’s quarterly pest control is more effective

After approximately 90 days, pest control products will naturally break down in the environment, but if you have a skilled technician visiting your home to reapply pest control products in the areas that need it most, then your home, your family, and your lifestyle is protected, without a lapse in coverage, all year long. 

Aspen’s quarterly pest control is environmentally friendly

We use green products that are 100% kid- and pet-friendly because being good stewards of our environment is as important to us as we know it is to you. We’re so lucky to live in the natural wonder of the Pacific Northwest, and we will continue to do all we can to protect it while making good on our mission to protect our clients from pest infestations.  

The Home Protection Plan treatment process targets key areas

There are certain areas around your home that, given the right circumstances, pests can thrive in. We take pride in training our technicians to always go the extra mile in the way they treat our clients and their homes when making their initial inspection. They seek out the areas many won’t in order to make a more informed recommendation for you. 

Some of the areas your treatment team will pay special attention to include:

  • Your home’s foundation barrier
  • Doors and windows
  • Eaves
  • Flower beds and other mulched areas
  • Overgrown vegetation and woodpiles
  • Retaining walls and other landscaping
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, and utility rooms
  • Under sinks, behind appliances, and inside pantries
  • Garages, attics, and crawl spaces
  • And many more, depending on your inspection

You deserve the peace of mind that quarterly pest control delivers

We aim to make the pest control process as convenient as possible for you. In fact, you don’t even need to be home in order for us to conduct the home exterior treatment. We’ll simply visit at your scheduled time, conduct a thorough inspection, and apply the appropriate treatment. We’ll leave you a detailed report providing an overview of the services conducted so you’ll know precisely what we’ve seen and how we’ve addressed it. 

Pest control can be complex, but leave that part to us! With Aspen Pest Control, you can simply enjoy the outcomes.

Contact Aspen Pest Control TODAY to get your hassle-free quote!

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