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Mice In Your Orchards Home? DO THIS!

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Residential Pest Control

DO contact pest control experts

Mice are an incredibly common issue that homeowners face, but they can be incredibly difficult to deal with. At Aspen Pest Control, we have expertise in our ability to determine how mice are entering your home, where they’re nesting, and what we can do to break the life cycle.

DO examine the areas of your home where food is stored

If mice have made their way into your home, it’s because they are after food, shelter, and water. Should you notice traces of mice inside your home — droppings, traces of gnawing on different materials throughout the home, or an oily residue on your baseboards — take a look at those areas where you store your food shortly after you’ve contacted a pest control company. 

Are boxes shredded? Have bags been gnawed on? Are there droppings present? If so, then these food items are contaminated and should be disposed of. We understand that throwing away food can be frustrating and costly, but this can protect your family from any potential harm if they were to make contact with any viruses or bacteria being transmitted by the mice.

DO keep your kitchen clean of food debris

After meals and snacks, it’s important to clean up crumbs, spills, and all meal prep areas. Mice and other pests like ants will do all they can to consume these left behind morsels. Wipe down counters, clean up spills, and sweep around the areas where food is prepared and consumed. 

This also includes your sink, garbage disposal, as well as your dishwasher. Leaving dirty dishes in the dishwasher — another warm, damp area that is appealing to mice — is fodder for pests. Try to run your dishwasher daily (if possible) and empty it after its run. 

DO follow CDC guidelines when cleaning up after a mouse infestation

The CDC provides very informative instructions for cleaning up after rodent infestations. We highly recommend that you read them very carefully before beginning any clean up after you’ve had a mouse infestation. Why? Because the droppings and dried urine of mice becomes toxic when airborne, so if cleanup is handled incorrectly, you could be putting yourself and family at risk of illness. 

Here’s a broad overview of what that process looks like:

  • Completely exterminate all mice before you begin your cleanup process
  • Gather all the materials you’ll need for the cleanup before you begin to limit spread and exposure
  • Wear a ventilator, protective gloves (rubber, latex, or vinyl), and other clothing that covers the skin
  • Where possible, air out the rooms you’ll be cleaning up so that they are ventilated for at least a half-hour before you begin cleaning
  • ABSOLUTELY DO NOT sweep or vacuum or do activities that will cause the materials you’re cleaning to become airborne
  • Following the CDC instructions for creating the recommended effective bleach solution, use that mixture to completely saturate the affected area. Let it soak in for no less than five minutes
  • Don’t skimp on what you’re bleaching. All surfaces and objects must be disinfected. Dispose of items that cannot be cleaned.
  • Use paper towels to wipe down all areas you’ve saturated with the bleach solution. Dispose of all materials into the trash. 
  • Repeat this process as many times as necessary. Sanitize or dispose of the clothes worn during cleanup. Bathe and thoroughly wash all exposed body parts. 

DO consider year-round pest control

Pests infestations don’t happen on a schedule, but preventative pest control can. That’s why we created the Home Protection Plan. Our service technicians will come to your home on a quarterly basis at times that are most convenient for you, examining your home, identifying any areas of concern, and applying commercial grade pest control products. 

The best part? You don’t even have to be home while we do it! Outside of your initial consultation, we can apply any exterior pest control services whether your home or not. We’ll simply review your home’s exterior, apply treatment as-needed, and email you a copy of the service report detailing services provided and any other areas of note we’ve identified.

Perhaps the even better part? If you ever see pests in between your regularly scheduled services, we’ll be happy to come back, free of charge, and for as many times as necessary, to troubleshoot the issue until we’re able to see a decrease in activity.

DO contact a trusted pest control service the moment you notice mice

It’s true! You should never delay if you believe you have a mouse infestation. A single mouse can give birth to ten litters of pups in a year — with as many as fourteen pups per litter! Imagine multiple mice, who need to be only about a month old to reach sexual maturity, birthing pups in your home. In short, the longer you wait, the worse your mouse infestation will surely get. 

Do not delay in contacting professionals who can help you understand where mice are coming from, why they’ve chosen your home to nest, and what you can do to break the life cycle.

Contact Aspen Pest Control TODAY to ride your home and property of mice. Don’t delay!

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