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Help! I Have A Yellow Jacket Infestation!

by | Feb 26, 2022 | Vancouver Pest Control

Suspect you have a yellow jacket infestation? Hire a professional!

Here’s the thing you need to know about yellow jacket’s straight away: they’re extremely aggressive, even for stinging insects. 

Unlike their “cousins” the hornet or the paper wasp, both of which can act aggressively if they suspect their nest is under threat, yellow jackets are much more offensive in their defense of their nests. 

Sometimes, just being in the general vicinity of a yellow jacket nest will cause them to act aggressively and sting passersby. 

What’s more, the yellow jacket can sting a person repeatedly, unlike certain bees who can sting only once, yellow jackets will sting you over and over again if they feel threatened, and these stings can cause considerable pain.

Yellow jackets can cause allergic reactions — steer clear!

Not only do these stings hurt a great deal, but they can also trigger allergic reactions in some people, resulting in symptoms like coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, confusion, lightheadedness, and more. 

Milder cases may only necessitate the removal of the stinger, washing the affected area, and taking an over the counter antihistamine, but you really can’t be too safe when it comes to these situations. 

If you or someone you’re with is stung by yellow jackets and has an allergic reaction, seek medical attention immediately. 

We say all this because interacting with and attempting to treat yellow jackets, as well as remove their nest from your property, is an incredibly dangerous task, one that truly should be left to professionals. 

Leave treatment of aggressive yellow jackets to professionals

Yellow jacket nests can sometimes be as large as basketballs, housing literally thousands of the aggressive stinging insects, most of whom are devoted to protecting their nests from perceived aggressors. 

Without the proper training, equipment, protective gear, and commercial grade treatment products, you’re putting yourself (and potentially your loved ones) in danger by attempting to remove yellow jackets on your own. 

The professionals at Aspen Pest Control are not only trained to treat stinging insects like yellow jackets, every technician on our team is licensed, insured, and possesses a level of detail in their work designed to create the results you’re looking for in pest control. 

That’s another thing to understand about yellow jackets: They’re not always easy to find. 

Again, unlike paper wasps or hornets, both of which will typically build their nests on the eaves of your home, under high decking, on patio ceilings, on high-reaching plumbing, or other hard to reach yet still visible areas, yellow jackets are more covert in their nest building, despite how large their colonies can grow. 

Commonly, yellow jackets will build their large nests, which are made of a material that combines their own saliva with plant matter and other organic materials, in difficult to find areas like deep within thick shrubbery, in hollow logs or trees, or even underground in abandoned animal dens. 

Without proper training, you may not be able to find these nesting sites, resulting in an ineffective pest management experience. 

Aspen Pest Control dedicates its service to your safety and satisfaction 

At Aspen Pest Control, all of our technicians are trained to go the extra mile assessing your pest infestation so we have the deepest understanding possible of your situation. This helps us make better recommendations to you about your treatment needs, and leads to better outcomes, which is what you’re ultimately after!

Since flying insects, like the yellow jacket, tend to follow similar flight patterns year after year, we tend to make two recommendations as a standard to our customers, outside of the personalized recommendations we’ll make, depending on your particular situation.

One is nest removal. This should always be a standard when it comes to treating stinging insects like yellow jackets, paper wasps, or hornets. Without removing the nest, you can’t necessarily guarantee that all of the insects living inside of the nest have been properly treated, nor can you guarantee that other stinging insects won’t start a new colony in an already established nesting site. 

At Aspen, we included nest removal for stinging insects, up to and including those nests that reach as high as your second story eave. 

Consider the Home Protection Plan for your pest control needs

A second standard recommendation we make is our Home Protection Plan. The Home Protection Plan is year-round pest control, where our technicians visit your home on a quarterly basis, using this time to assess your pest situation, and then treating the appropriate sites for the pests you have, and the pests you soon will encounter should the areas be left untreated. 

This is a great way to break the cycle of flying insects’ flight patterns, as well as treat pests that are responsible for attracting other pests to your home and property.

The Home Protection Plan is convenient, reliable, and a great value for those homeowners who want to leave the hassle of effective pest control to the experts. There’s a reason why the majority of our new clients choose the Home Protection Plan, and it’s our goal to give that same level of service and satisfaction to everyone who trusts us with their pest control needs. 

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