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Frequently Asked Questions

Aspen Pest Control loves to engage with its customers! This means carefully listening to and answering your questions. Below are some of the more common questions our customers ask.
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If I have pest problems between my regular services in or around my home, will you return for free and take care of them?

Always. For our regular customers, we include unlimited free reservice in between treatments for any included pest. For a one-off treatment, Aspen typically provides a minimum of a 30-day guarantee.

Are your products kid & pet friendly?

Yes, all of our products are kid and pet-friendly. We normally use products that are biologically derived from the chrysanthemum flower. The vast majority of the products we use are approved by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to be used in hospitals, schools, daycare centers, and veterinary clinics.

Are your products safe for the environment?

Our technicians use our products strictly according to the product label, making them safe for the environment. All of our products are safe for animals, amphibians, and the ecosystem at large.

Do your products have an odor?
Aspen uses “low odor” products. Less than 5% of our customers detect an odor during or after the treatment.
Do I need to leave my home when you treat?
No, you generally do not need to leave your home during the treatment.
Will your products damage surfaces in or around my home?
As long as water will not damage the surface we’re spraying then our products will not damage treated surfaces. If hardwood floors for example, cannot be cleaned with moisture, please notify us and Aspen will use a dry product to treat infested areas.
Will your products kill my plants?
No, none of our products are phytotoxic. This means they are not harmful to plants.
Are your products effective in the rain?

Yes. Our outdoor sprays are generally non-water soluble, which makes them highly resistant to rain. We also use a potent granule, which is activated by the rain.

How do I know the technician came by on a regular service?

Aspen will call and notify you a couple of days before your scheduled service. When the technician arrives, he or she will knock on the door, and a detailed service report will be left at the door when he or she finishes the service.

Do I have to be home for my regular service?

No, but please remember to leave a gate unlocked so that we can render a complete service.

I’m a regular customer. Is the inside included in my service?

Yes, Aspen includes the inside of the home at no extra charge for regular customers.

Is your company and its technicians licensed and insured?

We are fully licensed and insured. Our customers can find proof of our license and insurance on the Washington and Oregon Department of Agriculture websites.

I’m a regular customer. Will you raise my price the second year?
Aspen guarantees pricing for regular customers for at least two years and has no plan to raise prices anytime soon.
What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept all major debit and credit cards. We also accept personal checks. Aspen Pest Control does not accept cash.

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