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Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are the largest ants (3.4 to 14mm long) most people will ever see in their lifetime. Carpenter ant colonies in the Portland, OR; Vancouver, WA and Camas metro area can be massive, reaching up to 100,000 workers.

Carpenter Ant Description

Sugar Ant Up-Close View in Portland OR and Vancouver WA


Carpenter ants are typically large measuring 3.4 to 14mm long. Ants have different roles in the colony which will dictate their size and features. The soldier ants are typically the most noticeable because of their large size.


Carpenter ants can vary in color with red or yellow hues on their usually black body.


One of the best ways to determine if you are looking at a carpenter ant is if you find wood that is splintered or has holes in it, which are used for sheltering nests. The displaced wood is fine like sawdust with insect parts and dead ants usually mixed in. 

What are carpenter ants?

Carpenter ants are called “carpenters” for a reason. These large ants carve out their homes in wood creating wood that looks slitted, tunneled, or cut away. 

The two most common species in the Northwest are C. Modoc & C. Vicinus. Both species are primarily nocturnal but can also be active during the day. Most people think of carpenter ants as big and black however they’re “polymorphic,” which means the worker ants vary in size. 

How did I get carpenter ants?

Carpenter ants enter the home through cracks in floorboards, walls, and the structure of the home. A severe carpenter ant infestation is most often connected to a moisture problem somewhere inside the home. Areas of the home with untreated wood or wood that is starting to decompose or rot are usually hot spots for carpenter ants.

Do carpenter ants eat wood?

Carpenter ants do not eat wood for nutrition like termites. Rather they excavate their nests in wood creating smooth galleries and tunnels. 

Where are the carpenter ants coming from?

Outdoor nesting sites tend to be inside trees, under stumps and rocks, or in landscape timber. In homes carpenter ants usually nest inside wood and various kinds of insulation. Within the home, the nest (or nests) is almost always a “satellite” colony. The main carpenter ant colony may be up to 250 yards away.

Carpenter ants like areas with moisture

Check your home for spaces that have a lot of moisture like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. 

Still not sure if you’re looking at a carpenter ant?


Carpenter Ant Tips

Are Carpenter Ants Harmful?

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Carpenter ants are extremely destructive to homes and structures.

Do carpenter ants destroy only damaged wood?

Pacific Northwest carpenter ants can destroy both sound or damaged wood.

How destructive are carpenter ants?

Carpenter ants cause more economic damage in the state of Washington than any other state in the U.S. and Oregon isn’t far behind.

Is it too late to stop carpenter ants?

It may not come as a revelation that carpenter ants can be extremely destructive if left untreated. The extent of damage inside a home depends mostly on two things: First, how many carpenter ants there are and second, how long the ants have been active. If you notice carpenter ant activity in or around your home, it’s vital to get a professional carpenter ant inspection immediately. Early intervention is critical when dealing with wood destroying organisms.

Are Carpenter Ants SEASONAL?

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Carpenter ants start becoming more active in the Spring (March-April).

While the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest makes it so that carpenter ants can be active throughout the year, they are most active in the spring.

When do they reproduce?

Carpenter ants send their reproductive individuals out in springtime. They set out to mate and form new colonies. These ants are typically winged.


can i treat carpenter Ants on my own?

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Carpenter ants are a resilient pest and DIY solutions often don’t have the strength.

Because of the damage that carpenter ants can cause, we recommend that you contact one of our pest control specialists immediately. We will provide you with an inspection and consultation—free of charge.

Do repellent sprays work on carpenter ants?

Yes. Repellent sprays work to keep the pests way or to kill individuals exposed, however, they do not break the egg cycle of the carpenter ant population.

Do over-the-counter generic ant baits work on carpenter ants?

Most ant bait traps you can get from a store over-the-counter, focus on sugar ants or other ants. Be sure to check when you purchase that it works specifically for carpenter ants. These baits are not as effective as having an professional pest control technician treat your home or business.


Carpenter ant extermination with guaranteed results


Why should I call professional pest control?

DIY pest control treatments do not have the same effectiveness as professional pest control products. We started Aspen Pest Control because we believed that we could make pest control friendlier and easier. We will inspect your home and provide you with an estimate—all free of charge.

Prevent a carpenter ant infestation

Carpenter ants ruin property value and destroy structures. We see this often in the Portland/Vancouver area. Homeowners see a few carpenter ants and don’t think about taking action until they see too many. We believe it’s important to take action as soon as you spot a carpenter ant in your home or within a structure. Protect your investments by keeping carpenter ants out.

Early intervention is crucial for carpenter ant termination

As you can imagine, the sooner that our pest control technicians intervene, the easier it is to control the carpenter ant populations and provide treatment solutions. Delaying treatment often leads to more destruction to your property and structures.

Carpenter Ant Treatment



Give us a call! Often, a quick phone consultation is all it takes to give you a quote for carpenter ant treatment. If needed, we are happy to come to your home for a free inspection. Our pest control technicians will evaluate the extent of the carpenter ant problem.

Aspen Pest Control Technician Treating the Floorboards of a Portland OR Home


Apply products

At Aspen Pest Control, we are dedicated to using green pest control options that are effective against pests, but safe for your family and pets. These commercial grade pest control products keep your home safe from carpenter ants and drive them away from your home. 

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It’s not enough to treat your home and say that the job is done. We are confident in our work because we provide ongoing observation and treatment to protect your home. Carpenter ants can be difficult to eradicate without consistent, dedicated treatments to keep them in check. We back up all our regular treatments with a guarantee. If the pests come back between treatments, we will come and treat your home within 3 business days—free of charge.

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Secure your home from carpenter ants 


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100% satisfation guarantee

We aren’t your average pest control company. We believe in the importance of professionalism from every member of our team. Our technicians are prompt, punctual, and friendly. We will provide you with the pest control services that you need—not unnecessary services. We have treated thousands of homes for carpenter ants. Our technicians will come with expertise and reassurance that we can get the job done.

Talk to an Aspen Pest Control technician today to exterminate your carpenter ants.

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