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Fleas are one of the most commonplace and bothersome pests in the Portland, Vancouver, and Camas metro areas.

Flea Description

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Fleas are tiny nuisance pests, measuring approximately 1/16th to 1/8th inch in length.


In terms of their appearance, fleas are typically brownish-black to black.


Fleas have narrow, almost flat bodies that help them navigate through the coats of dogs or cats, birds’ feathers, and even humans’ hair.

What are fleas?

Fleas are tiny, wingless, jumping parasites that live off of the blood of their hosts. Though they’re most commonly associated with dogs (and for good reason), fleas can infest cats, birds, humans, mice, rabbits, and several more warm-blooded vertebrate animals. They do not have wings but are strong jumpers and have well-developed jaws for feeding on their hosts.

How did I get fleas?

Even without pets, fleas can become a problem in people’s homes. If your home has experienced rodent infestations where the rats, mice, squirrels (or similar creatures) have fleas, then those pests can lay eggs in the house, resulting in a home infestation. This commonly occurs in attics, cellars, or crawl spaces, but if rodents like mice have made their way into the home, then so too can fleas.

What do fleas eat?

Flea larvae feed on the excrement of adult fleas (which contain trace amounts of blood) and other organic matter. Adult fleas feed exclusively on blood.

Where are the fleas coming from?

More often than not, fleas migrate from adjacent properties and are introduced to your home on the body of a dog or cat. As we mentioned, if you have had another pest infestation related to rodents or perhaps a raccoon or opossum, they can enter your household.

    Still not sure if you’re looking at fleas?


    Tips for Fleas

    Are FLEAS Harmful?

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    Fleas mainly cause irritation but can also cause infections.

    Fleas are known for causing skin irritation like itching and rash. A flea bite can also cause bacterial, viral, and fungal infections in mammals.

    Do fleas carry disease?

    Although rare, flea-borne diseases may include tapeworm, ringworm, and murine typhus. The most common skin disease in dogs, dermatitis, is most frequently caused by an allergic reaction to the flea’s saliva. Veterinary treatments are largely ineffective against dermatitis, making professional flea extermination vital. Aside from these health risks, fleas can seriously impact our psychological well-being.


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    Fleas are typically year-round in the Pacific Northwest.

    In many parts of the country, fleas are seasonal due to extreme shifts in the weather. However, fleas can be pests in many southern states and the Pacific Northwest year-round based on our warmer and more temperate climates.


    can i treat FLEAS

    on my own?

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    Fleas can be tough to eradicate on your own.

    Though many great over-the-counter solutions for pets help with fleas, successfully eradicating fleas from your home can be trickier.

    Seeing multiple fleas inside the home is the first indication of an infestation, and most homeowners prefer to err on the side of early intervention.

    To eradicate fleas, Aspen Pest Control uses two eco-friendly products, which are safe for pets and children. One product will kill the adult fleas, while the other will destroy the flea’s ability to reproduce. Our method is proven and has been used safely and successfully thousands of times.

    The average flea life cycle from egg to adult is 21-35 days. This is why performing an initial treatment followed by a “knockout” treatment about 21 days later is sometimes necessary. Aspen guarantees to get to the source of the problem by breaking the flea’s egg cycle.

    Successful flea control and even total flea extermination are realistic goals when Aspen Pest Control treats your home.

    Flea extermination with guaranteed results


    Why should I call professional pest control?

    Fleas can spread very quickly and can cause physical and emotional discomfort for you and your loved ones. Aspen Pest Control employs a team of experienced flea specialists who have successfully dealt with fleas in the home time and time again.

    Not only will you get your house back from these awful critters, but you’ll get your peace of mind back, too.

    Prevent a future flea infestation

    One crucial step in preventing future infestations is dealing with the situation you already have. By treating your home for rodent infestations and properly treating infested pets (as recommended by your veterinarian), you’re already doing a great deal in terms of preventing future flea situations. Regular treatment (we recommend quarterly visits) will keep your home and life pest-free all year round!

    Early intervention is crucial for flea extermination

    The earlier, the better. We urge you to contact Aspen Pest Control the moment you notice fleas on pets or in your home. They mature and expand their population quickly (in just a few weeks time!), so the earlier you treat your flea situation, the easier it will be for professional exterminators like us to control it. Of course, we’ve successfully dealt with flea infestations large and small and want to help you get your life back, regardless of its size — that’s what we’re here for!

    Flea Treatment



    Baseboards, furniture, pet bedding, and the like are just a few areas where fleas like to lay eggs. We’ll inspect these areas and more, and treat them with the appropriate methods that will rid your home of pests, safely and quickly.

    Aspen Pest Control Technician Treating the Floorboards of a Portland OR Home


    Apply products

    We use two distinct products to treat fleas for our Portland, Vancouver, and Camas customers. The first product provides a quick knockdown with a long residual, and the second eliminates fleas’ ability to reproduce. It’s our experience that this one-two punch will get you the results you’re looking for!

    Aspen Pest Control Technician Treating a Vancouver WA Yard with Green Pest Control Product



    Though these methods tend to work quickly, new infestations can occur if not monitored properly. That’s why we recommend (and why most of our new customers choose!) quarterly, year-round flea prevention services.

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    Secure your home from fleas 


    Aspen Pest Control Technician Giving a Free Pest Control Consultation to Vancouver WA Homeowner

    100% Satisfaction guaranteed

    Fleas can cause all sorts of problems — physical, environmental, and psychological. This isn’t the sort of stress you or anyone you care about deserves to experience. Our commitment to you as your pest control solution is to find the source of your problem, make our best recommendations, and treat accordingly until you’re completely satisfied. That’s how we’ve built our reputation because that’s what our clients deserve.

    Call Aspen Pest Control today and get rid of your flea problem.

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