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Spider Extermination in Oregon City

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Spider Control

Why do I have spiders?

The short answer is because spiders love the way that your home and property are inviting to them. Sure, most people don’t purposely invite spiders into their homes, but take a look around. 

Does your property have any instances of standing water? 

If it does, then it’s important to understand that standing water is incredibly inviting to pests of all kinds, including rodents, insects, and spiders. And the thing about spiders is, if they’ve found an environment that is rich with insects, like flies, mosquitoes, moths, roaches, beetles, and the like, well, then they’ve basically happened upon the spider equivalent of a buffet restaurant, and they won’t be going anywhere else any time soon. 

Next, let’s consider your outdoor and indoor environments. The eaves of your home and outbuildings, siding, patio roofs and overhead decking, or even plants that are growing close to the home are prime places for spiders to build their webs, and spiders are very devoted to web building. After all, this is where they catch their food. If you notice spider webs in any of these or similar places, well, you’re essentially telling these spiders that you’re fine with them building their webs in these environments, and they’ll continue to do just that. 

Let’s not forget interior spaces. Spiders are prone to building webs in sheds, garages, pole barns, cellars, basements, and other similar places because these are typically low traffic areas that are often filled with clutter. And spiders like clutter. Why? Because clutter spells safety to a spider. They can safely hide from predators or spin webs to capture nearby insects, but they can also have a place to safely lay their eggs.  

So essentially what you have here is an environment where all of the spider’s basic needs are being met — their food, water, and shelter are present in rich supply, so it makes perfect sense that they’ve chosen this area to call their home. 

How do I remove spiders from my home and property?

Since your home presents all the resources they need to thrive, the best, most effective course of action in exterminating the spiders is by either removing those resources or removing their access to them. 

If you have standing water on your property, then it’s vital that you take the necessary steps to remove it and prevent it from coming back. If you choose Aspen Pest Control for your spider extermination needs, we’ll carefully examine your property (and, if necessary, your home) and can help you identify all of the trouble areas that will need to be addressed.

Another vital step in exterminating the spiders is treating all of the other insects that are present on your property. The reason why we’re not immediately suggesting that we treat the spiders is that treating the insects is actually one way in which we treat the spiders. Here’s what we mean: 

Treating for other insects

When using exterminants for insects, it is common for the insects to get pest control products on their legs and their feet. These creatures often clean themselves with their mouths, ingesting the pest control products, and dying shortly after the product takes effect. This isn’t how spiders operate. Using the same methodologies isn’t as effective. 

We’re able to work around this by removing the spider’s food supply, which ultimately makes your home and property undesirable and it also rids your home of other nuisance insects, so your pest control needs have been doubly covered!

Web removal

Another vital and effective way to rid your home of spiders? Web removal! That’s right, web removal. Webs are precious to the spider. They’ll spend hours upon hours crafting, repairing, and perfecting their webs. Continuous removal of the webs signals to the spider that the environment is too unstable for them to live there, and since there’s little potential for food (since the other insects have been exterminated), they’ll seek out other places to live. 

Aspen Pest Control makes web removal a standard part of our spider extermination services. We’ll seek out and brush down all of the webs that we can find up to and including your second story eaves. 

Declutter your clutter

Don’t forget to take care of the inside of your home, garage, shed, and any other outbuildings you might have. Remember, clutter creates a safe environment for spiders to build webs as well as lay eggs. 

It’s natural for us to let these sorts of spaces get a little messier. They’re usually for storage, and aren’t always the picture of organization. However, by periodically cleaning these areas, making them a little bit tidier and free of dust and clutter, you’re not only increasing your own personal organization, but you’re also making your space far less inviting to spiders and other pests. 

Call Aspen Pest Control for all of your spider extermination needs

Aspen Pest Control is proud to serve Oregon City and the surrounding area’s pest control needs. Our team is composed of local, experienced, and effective pest control technicians who are committed to giving you the best experience and value possible. 

Our commercial-grade products are pet- and kid-friendly, and our service is second to none. If you’re concerned about spiders or any other pests, don’t delay, the situation is bound to get worse, and the earlier you intervene, the simpler the extermination process can be. 

Contact Aspen Pest Control TODAY for your spider extermination consultation! 

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