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Pests to Begin Prep for Before Spring

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Aspen Pest Control, Pest Control, Residential Pest Control, Vancouver Pest Control

While the Pacific Northwest is known for more temperate climates, if you live our region, you will still find it to be chillier during the winter months.

During this time, you may be focused on the pests entering your home to keep warm, but this should also be a time to consider prepping for the pests yet to come once the warmer weather hits. It does not take much of a temperature change for many pests to begin becoming a nuisance, especially for Portland, Vancouver, and Camas residents.

Below are some pests you should begin to prep for in the winter to avoid severe pest problems come the Springtime.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are year-round pests that can invade your own home or the hotels in the area, but once the warm weather comes, they become more prevalent. Many times you may not even have bed bugs but may come into contact with a home, hotel, or store that has them and bring them home.

Taking the time to ensure your home is bed bug-free in the winter and always keeping an eye on bedsheets, corners of your home, and unattended spaces can help avoid a problem. While treatment does not make sense until a bed bug infestation has occurred, being cognizant will prevent one from becoming an issue come Spring.


Bees begin to make their flights for food and pollination in the Spring, but what can be done beforehand to prevent? Taking the time to have a trained professional look at your home from any cracks or ways for a Bee to enter the home is a great start.

Also, ensuring all outside locations such as sheds are looked at and closed can prevent a bee infestation or nest from forming once the warm weather comes.


Fleas feed on blood and while many animals in the Western part of the country are staying inside longer during the Winter, come Spring they will be outside and will give fleas a reason to feed and breed. While fleas are a year-round pest, they become more apparent.

Tall grass that grows in the Spring is also a place where fleas can hide and a simple run or walk with your pet can begin a flea infestation. Having pets makes prepping for any flea problems even more important and preventative flea treatments from the wet, the trimming of tall grass, and simply paying attention to any flea bites before the Spring can allow the treatment to be taken care of before the Spring begins.


Rodents will seek shelter in your home during the Winter and may be a problem during the colder season, but once the Spring and warm weather come, they procreate at a much faster rate. Rodents such as mice, rats, and others such as voles or moles can become a problem quick once the weather is warm and they are outside and inside your home.

If you notice rodents in your home during the winter, calling a pest control professional to take care of the infestation is key to stopping it in its tracks. Furthermore, if you want to avoid any Springtime infestations, during the winter take the time to check crawl spaces, openings in basements and attics, or other places of entry for rodents and seal them up. This will prevent any issues that can arise in the Spring.

While all pests problems cannot be prevented, if you are prepared for each season and the pests the season brings, you can have a better handle on a situation of preventing it completely. Aspen Pest Control of Vancouver, WA is here to help both with preventative measures to keep your home safe from a pest infestation and are here once the infestation occurs. We offer different services to keep pests away from your home and property at different frequencies of service.

Call today to determine what pests to plan for and what actions to take before Spring comes.

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