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Pest Control in Portland, OR

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Pest Control Portland

Pests are an unfortunate reality for any homeowner, renter, or commercial property manager. Due to the temperate climate of Portland and its surrounding areas, a wide variety of potential pests — from mice and rats to bees, wasps, ants, and more — are incredibly common to experience, regardless of how clean you keep your premises.

Aspen Pest Control, one of Portland and Southwest Washington’s most-trusted names in pest extermination, provides full-service, family- and pet-friendly services that are guaranteed to solve even the most persistent infestations.

Aspen Pest Control: Portland’s Premier Pest Control Solution

We created Aspen Pest Control because we believe that Portland and Southwest Washington deserves the best pest control solutions possible, and we’ve thrived because we consistently deliver on that promise. Because your satisfaction is our number one priority, every quote, service, and recommended maintenance package is designed to create the best outcome for you.

We provide:

  • Free advice
  • Free No pressure inspections and estimates
  • Same-day service (at no extra charge!)
  • Flexible service options and reasonable Pricing
  • Family- and pet-safe products
  • Great communication and attention to detail
  • A fully licensed, bonded, and insured extermination team
  • Results — 100% guaranteed!

We take pride in the opportunity to serve our community. If you or someone you care about has a pest control need, then we encourage you to choose Aspen Pest Control. Call us today to learn why your neighbors trust us with their pest control needs. We’re confident you’ll feel the same.

Regular Pest Maintenance In Portland — Why It Matters

Sure, you can use store-bought, DIY solutions, but think of it this way: Do you truly have the time and resources to manage the wide array of pests we have here in Portland, or is it worth more to you and your family’s peace of mind to have an expert team who has your back every step of the way? It’s no surprise that 90% of our customers choose the Four Seasons Home Protection Plan as their pest control solution of choice, as it gives them year-round confidence that infestations are a thing of the past.  

Why year-round pest control? It’s simple. Quarterly, four treatments per year service — like that of our Four Seasons Home Protection Plan — is designed to eradicate any existing infestations, and then protect your home from further from any potential pests entering your space. Existing and preventative care in a single, effective pest control package.

Even More Important Reasons for Pest Control In Portland

Protection: From Disease, Home, and Property Damage

It’s an unfortunate fact: Rats and mice carry disease that can cause major health concerns. More specifically, the excrement of mice and rats carries viruses and diseases that contribute to illnesses such as salmonella, asthma, lyme disease, and hantavirus.

In addition to health risks posed by rat and mice infestations, the risk of property damage is greatly increased by their presence. Don’t think their teeth are strong enough to nibble through concrete? They are! Concrete, metal, drywall, even electrical wiring, the latter of which greatly increases your chances of a house fire!

And this risk of damage isn’t just limited to rodents. Carpenter ants and termites can cause great damage to your home (though for entirely different purposes). Whatever the case, a compromised foundation, standing water on your property, or a moisture problem in the home can all increase your chances of having unexpected visitors and increase the likelihood of unforeseen damage to occur.

In sum: pests can come with a variety of dangers. The best way to prevent things like pest related disease and property damage from entering your home is by removing the variables that cause these stresses from the equation altogether. The health of our customers and their loved ones is so important to us that we only use kid and pet-friendly products, those that are approved for use in veterinary clinics, hospitals, and schools.

A Stress-Free Life Is a Happier Life
Has pest control ever been anything other than a reactive task for you? One that needed to be taken care of that very minute to avoid embarrassment or worse? We know you’re not alone. And, if you’re anything like us, you want to be spending your free time with family and friends instead of running to the nearest garden, hardware, or home-building store to buy a bunch of supplies you’re not entirely familiar with in order to achieve an outcome.

We want to remove that stress from your life. Wouldn’t it be great to have one less thing on your to-do list? That’s precisely why we’re here! Your pest problems can be a thing of the past, and we’re confident in our abilities to make that a reality for you. In fact, we’re so confident in our work that we provide recurring customers unlimited, free “reservicing” just in case any pests included in your service agreement reappear in between quarterly maintenance appointments.  

Portland’s Most-Common Pest Infestations

Still not sure if you need assistance from a team of trusted professionals? We understand. Just know we’re here for you when you need us — and all those times in-between! Here’s a list of just a few of the pests we specialize in exterminating in the greater Portland and Southwest Washington areas.

Rodents (mice and rats)

They’re fuzzy. They’re cute. They also happen to be carriers of disease. And they can fit just about anywhere, but are most-commonly found in garages, attics, crawl spaces, and in-between walls. Hey, we love the animated versions, but real-life mice and rats are no joke when it comes to the safety of your home and family. They don’t need much to survive, and once they have shelter, food, and water, they’ll be multiplying in no time, and have the potential to spread viruses to your food supply, chew up your drywall, and damage your electrical work. If you see even one mouse or rat in your home, it’s important to act quickly!

The most common culprits for ant infestations in the Portland area are sugar ants, known by their proper name as odorous house ants. They’re attracted to all things glucose, including nectar- and sap-producing plantlife, and, naturally, whatever sources of sugar they can find inside your home. These little critters love water, and are no stranger to moist environments, so if they make their way inside the home — typically through cracks in your foundation, under siding, or poorly sealed windows or doors — odds are they’ll make their way into the kitchen, under the home, under sinks, or in laundry or bathrooms. This type of ant doesn’t pose a property damage risk, but the strain they can cause to your happy home can be just as bad.

Wasps and Yellow Jackets

Unlike the sugar ant, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets do pose a risk to your family’s safety. Wasps can be very protective creatures, and showcase a defensiveness of their nests by stinging those they feel threatened by. Wasp stings produce a pheromone that “tells” other wasps to also take defensive measures, meaning even more potential stings for you or your loved ones. Unlike wasps, yellow jackets are quite aggressive, and will sting those nearby even when unprovoked. In some instances, medical attention is required due to the severity of the stings. In the interest of your safety, we strongly suggest you seek professional assistance to remove wasp or yellow jacket nests in order to avoid unnecessary harm.

Aspen Pest Control: We’re Here to Serve You Portland

Call us today to discover why your neighbors in Portland and Southwest Washington are loyal customers of Aspen Pest Control.

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