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Pest Control in Vancouver, WA

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A Preventative vs. Reactive Approach to Pest Control

Even the cleanest home and the most well-maintained property can attract pests. With so many factors contributing to pest activity — not to mention the wide variety of pests that your home can attract — Aspen Pest Control recommends a preventative approach to pest control. Our comprehensive services include local pests such as sugar ants & carpenter ants, mice & rats, bees, wasps, and hornets, spiders, box elder bugs, and more.

Common Pest Infestations In Vancouver, Washington

  • Sugar Ants — Sugar ants are the most common home invader in the Vancouver area. Sugar ants are attracted to nectar- and sap-producing plants, standing water, and moist environments that are fertile for colonization. Sugar ants aren’t pests that will cause property damage or harm your family or pets, but they’re incredibly strong attraction to all things moist and sweet can cause bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and pantries to be overrun with the small yet determined and resilient little insects.
  • Wasps — Though wasps play an important role as a pollinator, they do pose a risk to you and your family. Protective of their nests, wasps can produce stings that cause pain, swelling, and irritation. What’s more, the act of stinging itself releases a pheromone that attracts even more wasps to attack the “threat” on their colony, which, of course, could mean your unsuspecting family and friends. And being that they love sugar, it’s not at all unusual for a wasp to find its way into an open beverage, increasing the risk of a potential painful surprises.
  • Yellow jackets and hornets — Similarly, yellow jackets and hornets can pose a big threat to your family’s well-being. Unlike wasps, however, yellow jackets and hornets are far more aggressive and will take offensive action in protecting their nests. It doesn’t matter if they are provoked or not, yellow jackets and hornets will attack you, your family, or your pets. Dissimilarly from bees, yellow jackets and hornets can sting you repeatedly, causing pain, inflammation, and redness. More extreme cases can cause illness or the need to seek professional medical attention due to an allergic reaction. Their nests can hold thousands of the stinging insects, and can even be found underground! We highly recommend professional assistance for the removal of these infestations.  
  • Mice and rats — In the abstract, these furry little creatures are adorable and perhaps even beloved, but the truth is their existence on your property and in your home poses a huge health risk to your family and imperils the safety of your home. Food, shelter, and water is all they really want, but their presence in our homes can include destruction of electrical work, insulation, and drywall, the spread of bacteria and viruses through their excrement — of which they are exceptional overproducers! — and the contamination of your home’s food supply. Their ability to squeeze through even the tightest of spaces means they could be living virtually anywhere in your home, including in-between walls, in the crawlspace or attic, or in the garage. If you see rodents, act quickly! They can grow their population rapidly, so it’s only a matter of time for a few rodents to turn into many.
  • Spiders — Though it’s true that spiders play an important part in controlling the population of certain insects, that doesn’t mean you need to force yourself to coexist with them in your home! Besides, some spiders’ bites are incredibly harmful to humans. Instead of taking the risk, why not get rid of them? Here’s the thing about spiders: they don’t ingest pesticides. They require a different approach altogether, one that takes understanding where to find their nests and how frequently to treat for them essential in eradicating them from your life.

Why Regular Pest Maintenance In Vancouver, WA Matters

Quarterly pest control is a great option for those wanting prevention through regular maintenance. Our Four Seasons Home Protection Plan is a quarterly, four treatments per year service designed to protect your home from most of Vancouver’s most prevalent pests. We guarantee our services and a regular quarterly service is the perfect choice for getting to the source of almost any pest problem.

Sure, you can use store-bought, DIY solutions, but with the breadth of pests native to Vancouver, having experts on your side who understand these pests, how to control them, and how to remove them from your life. We have a proven track record of success, and that’s why 90% of our customers choose the Four Seasons Home Protection Plan as their pest control solution of choice.

More Reasons to Choose Regular Pest Control Maintenance

Protect your home and property from damage. Pest infestations are more than just gross — they can do serious damage to your home and property, and when it comes to insects like carpenter ants, homes and property in Washington state are particularly susceptible to colonization. A moisture problem in the home or some delectable landscape timber will attract these creatures, who will in turn waste no time in establishing themselves within wood they can penetrate.

A different kind of property damage altogether is caused by mice and rats seeking food and shelter. Rodents’ teeth are strong enough to nibble through drywall, metal, and even concrete. What’s more, their excrement is responsible for the transmission of bacteria related to food poisoning, asthma, and myriad other health concerns. Rodents are also sometimes the cause of electrical damage that can cause housefires.

A healthier, happier family. To put it simply, pests carry diseases. The best method for preventing your home from bacteria, disease, foodborne illnesses, fire hazards, and more is by ensuring that you’ve removed the variables that can cause these issues to begin with. We exclusively use kid and pet-friendly products, and most all of our products are EPA approved for use in schools, hospitals, and veterinary clinics.

Peace of mind and a less-stress life. We’re just like you. We have busy schedules, and when we’re not at work we want to be enjoying time with our loved ones doing the things we enjoy most. For most DIYers, pest control is a reactive task you’re completing because you’re experiencing an infestation at that very moment — and it’s stressful, right? You’re buying sprays or setting traps and you’re hoping that you’re using everything correctly so that you can get back to the things you really want to do.

Aspen Pest Control is here to alleviate the confusion, take that responsibility off of your plate, and, most importantly, make your pest infestations a thing of the past. It’s a comprehensive solution to what can be a complicated problem. We’re confident in our work and believe deeply enough in our mission that our regular customers receive unlimited free “reservice” for any pests included in your plan that make a surprise appearance between your quarterly treatments.

Vancouver’s Premier Pest Control Solution: Aspen Pest Control

You deserve the best pest control recommendations, service, and maintenance. Every quote, treatment plan, and recommended maintenance package we provide is predicated on the best outcome for you, because your satisfaction is our number one priority.

We provide:

  • Free No Pressure Inspections & Estimates
  • Same Day Service at No Extra Charge
  • Results 100% Guaranteed
  • Flexible Service Options
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Family and Pet Safe Products
  • Attention to detail
  • Great Communication
  • Fully Licensed, bonded and Insured
  • No rushed service
  • Free Advice

We take pride in the opportunity to serve our community. If you or someone you care about has a pest control need, then we encourage you to choose Aspen Pest Control. Call us today to learn why your neighbors trust us with their pest control needs. We’re confident you’ll feel the same.

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