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by | Apr 24, 2019 | Lake Oswego Pest Control

In our experience, when folks need extermination services, it’s most often due to an unexpected infestation — one that not only catches people by surprise but also causes stress, worry, and most certainly a feeling of, “Uh oh — what do we do now?!”

Commonly, our first-time clients contact us because they’re experiencing problems with rodents, ants or spiders, or concerns related to wasps, yellowjackets, or hornet nest removal. We specialize in all these types of pest control services and more, because we understand that our homes are our sanctuaries, and there are few things that feel more disruptive to that sense of peace than a pest infestation.

Aspen Pest Control: The Name Lake Oswego’s Pests Fear the Most

Why do pests fear us and communities adore us? Because we’re so much more than a name — we’re a team of pest control experts who aspire to live the same happy, enriching, and pest-free lives that you do, with one exception: It’s our job to roll up sleeves and take action, not yours.

At Aspen Pest Control, we provide Lake Oswego:

  • Free pest control recommendations
  • Free inspections and pressure-free estimates
  • Clear, concise communication
  • An emphasis on “attention to detail” service delivery
  • Same-day service, at no extra charge with no hidden fees
  • Reasonable pricing with flexible service options
  • Products that are child, family, pet-safe
  • An extermination team that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • 100% guaranteed RESULTS!

We want you to feel happy with our services, today, tomorrow, and beyond. We all lead busy lives, and we could all use one less thing on our to-do lists.

Aspen Pest Control Specializes In Lake Oswego Pest Control

Aspen Pest Control Specializes in Exterminating Ants and Spiders

Sugar ant infestations are the most common type of pest issue we come across with our client base. The simple conditions in which they thrive — think damp, dark environments like those that can be commonly found in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and under sinks — means that it takes no time at all for your once peaceful abode to be overrun with these sugar crazy little creatures. We provide commercial grade extermination solutions that eradicate the ants at their source, unlike some off-the-shelf treatments, which, depending on its formulation, can sometimes do more harm than good. .

Spiders? Now these are an altogether different story and necessitate an entirely different methodology. Did you know, unlike ants and many other insects, spiders don’t readily ingest pesticides and aren’t as reliably affected by them? It’s true! Spiders don’t clean themselves in the same way that other insects do, so they don’t consume pesticides. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be controlled. It’s all about where and how often your home is treated. There are critical areas we treat as a standard that many companies overlook. We’ll even provide full web removal of your first and second story eaves, because we believe this is central to effective spider extermination.

Aspen Pest Control Specializes in Wasp, Hornet, and Yellow Jacket Removal — Including Nests
Concern for the negative effects of wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets aren’t just limited to those who are allergic. These insects can cause a variety of problems and stress for the average family! All varieties are territorial and protective of their nests, and will act aggressively toward humans if they feel their nests are threatened. Unlike bees, yellow jackets are capable of stinging repeatedly and won’t hesitate to pursue you or a loved one if they feel you’re too close to their nest.

As you might imagine, nest removal is crucial to extermination of this type of insect, but these nests are sometimes hard to find, and because of the aggressive nature of these creatures, this can be a dangerous activity for someone not equipped with the proper gear or experience. Aspen Pest Control has specialized equipment for just such situations, and we include nest removal as a standard part of our regular service.

Aspen Pest Control Specializes In Rodent Removal
Mice and rats. Sure, some think that they’re cute, but are they safe? The simple answer is no! Their waste carries disease. They can chew through woodwork, drywall, concrete, and electrical wiring. They can infest your home’s food supply. Due to their small size and extreme flexibility, they can be found living in just about anywhere in your home, like garages, basements, attics, and between walls. Of course, the sooner you act when you see rodents in the home, the better because they reproduce at a very rapid rate!

Protect Your Lake Oswego Home From Pests All-Year Long

With so many pests looking to set up shop in an around your home, don’t you deserve year-round protection? No matter the season, situation, or infestation, Aspen Pest Control is proud to provide the extermination services you need at a price and frequency you will appreciate. If you’ve tried over the counter grade pest control solutions in the past, then you know that these are just a temporary fix. Though we do have our preferred DIY methods for home pest control, we also understand that most folks don’t have the time and energy to stay on top of effective pest control. Given those factors, wouldn’t you prefer a proven approach from a trusted team who specializes in exactly what you and your family needs? We provide pest control services, sure, but we also provide peace of mind of a job done right.

Because of our commitment to delivering Lake Oswego’s best in pest control services, over 90% of our clients choose our Four Seasons Home Protection plan. Our Four Seasons Home Protection plan is a year-long extermination strategy, delivered quarterly, that roots out any existing infestations you might already have, and prevents any potential unexpected visitors from visiting in the first place. Look at it this way: Pests are unpredictable. Your plan to control them doesn’t need to be. Aspen Pest Control’s approach to the location, evaluation, and eradication of insects, arachnids, and rodents will keep your home safe, your family healthy, and your life pest-free.

Still considering the value of year-round pest control? We understand. But we encourage you to also consider this: certain pests, like mice and rats pose a significant health risk to your loved ones. The waste produced by mice and rats, for example, can be direct sources of disease that can be responsible for exposing people to or causing health concerns such as asthma, hantavirus, lyme disease, and salmonella.

Additionally, these rodents are also common culprits of property damage, due to their extremely sharp and ever-growing teeth. Their teeth are strong enough to gnaw through concrete and it’s not at all uncommon for rodents to cause damage to electrical wiring, which can put your home at risk for a fire.

Lake Oswego Loves Aspen Pest Control

No matter what your pest control concern might be, we would love to serve you! The decisions we make are always based on what’s in your best interest, because we believe that a company should make its customers its number one priority. You will always receive the same level of exceptional service from us, because your satisfaction is our success. Call Aspen Pest Control today for all your Lake Oswego Pest Control needs.

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