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by | Sep 6, 2019 | Aspen Pest Control, Spider Control

Are there harmful spiders in Clark County, Washington?

Let’s be real. Do you know anyone who likes spiders? We don’t mean tolerant or indifferent toward spiders, but someone who is all like, “SPIDERS ARE MY FAVORITE. THEY HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART AND ARE WELCOME IN MY HOME. THE MORE, THE MERRIER.” It’s pretty rare, right? No judgment to the spider lovers out there, but they’re hardly the most embraced creatures in all of creation. In fact, a great deal of the U.S. population — some 90 million people — experiences some form of arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. That’s almost 30% percent of all Americans! 

Ironically, spiders in the Pacific Northwest are…really not all that scary at all, in terms of the physical threat they pose to humans. First, let’s get one thing straight: all spiders are venomous. What matters, however, is that very few spiders are venomous enough that one of their bites could cause serious physical harm or fatality to people. 

Of the 35,000 different varieties that exist, approximately 5,000 of those are found in North America. Of those 5,000, an approximate 500 are native inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest region. Whittling that 500 down even further, there are exactly two varieties of spider that the Washington State Department of Health deems potentially fatal to humans: the infamous Black Widow and the less-famous but no less harmful Yellow Sac spiders. 

Wanna feel even more safe from harm when it comes to spiders? (We knew you did!) Both the Black Widow and Yellow Sac spiders are most commonly found in the eastern region of Washington state, due to their preference for an arid, desert-like climate — an altogether different sort of ecosystem that what we find here in temperate Clark County, Washington.

Another thing that belies the bad reputation of spiders: they’re actually great at pest control. It’s true! Though we haven’t gone so far as to hire any spiders for our team (the custom uniform costs!), we do deeply admire their abilities to keep the areas in which they live largely insect-free. 

Should I exterminate spiders in Clark County, Washington?

But here’s the thing: just because spiders don’t pose an extreme physical threat, it doesn’t mean they’re not pests, it doesn’t mean their presence isn’t a disruptive, unpleasant experience, and it certainly doesn’t mean that people’s fear of spiders simply goes away. It doesn’t. For instance: Right now, imagine the feeling of accidentally walking through a spider web. You felt that, right? Chilling. Absolutely haunting. And just because the fear of spiders doesn’t magically go away, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t practical means for getting rid of spiders in a safe, child- and pet-friendly sort of way. 

One of the most effective methods for ridding your home and property from the presence of spiders is to focus on the removal of their webs. Spider webs are crucial to a spider’s existence. It’s their home and where they capture and consume their food. 

Unlike the methods we use to rid homes and property of insects, spiders aren’t responsive to baits or poisons or similar extermination techniques. Many other insects we treat for share the habit of cleaning themselves by putting their legs in their mouths. Treating for these types of insects includes using baits that the insects walk through, bring back to their nests, and spread to the colony while also poisoning themselves. It’s an effective method, to be sure, but since spiders don’t share this self-cleaning technique, an altogether different method must be applied. 

Our time-tested technique in spider eradication includes where and how often we’re treating to remove webs and break a spider’s habit in spinning webs on or near your home. We’re also focusing on the critical areas that many of our competitors tend to overlook, including spaces such as cracks and crevices near the home, under eaves, and under the siding. We’ll treat and remove all accessible webs located on your first and second story eaves. In terms of frequency, we recommend quarterly treatment for the most effective outcome. This seasonal treatment for spider removal is what we’ve found to be the most effective means in breaking a spider’s egg cycle. 

Additionally, another incredibly effective ways to eradicate spiders from your home in a chlid- and pet-friendly manner is to treat your property for whatever other insects you might have. Remember, spiders are incredibly talented at extermination themselves, but that’s only a byproduct of their main source of food: roaches, mosquitoes, flies, moths, earwigs, beetles, etc. Point being, if you remove these pests from your home, so too will you remove spiders. They’re there because your home is fulfilling one of their most basic needs. Remove that variable, and you’ll be essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Are your extermination methods environmentally friendly?

In order to treat for these types of insects, which, again, we recommend doing on a quarterly basis in order to best disrupt their life cycle, we do want you to know that there are effective, environmentally friendly options out there, and that Aspen Pest Control proudly uses them to our customers’ satisfaction. 

We offer a variety of products that we guarantee to be 100% safe and effective, including different types of baits, insecticides, and chrysanthemum-derived products that won’t disrupt playtime but will disrupt the creepy crawlies that make playtime less than fun.

Other ways to avoid the nuisance of spiders in Clark County

  • Brush, don’t squish! A common — and totally understandable! — reaction to feeling spiders on your body is to haphazardly smack the spiders off of your body with your hands. Unfortunately, this is more likely to cause spiders to get pressed against your body, they’ll bite out of fear and protection, and you’ll end up experiencing the exact thing you were trying to avoid to begin with. A safer and more effective method is to (try to) take a deep breath, stay calm, and carefully brush the spider(s) off and away from your body. If you have work clothes that you store outside (like in a garage, shed, or barn), we recommend giving them a good shake before putting them on. 
  • Shake ‘em before you take ‘em (inside your home) Spiders love to build webs on plants and trees. Before bringing new houseplants into the home, it’s wise to first check them for spiders and insects beforehand. Christmas trees are another incredibly common place to find spiders and their eggs. Paying a few extra dollars at the Christmas tree farm is good for removing loose needles, but it can also help remove any insects or spiders that can’t be easily seen by the naked eye! 
  • Secure the perimeter. Spiders are crafty little creatures, and can easily make their way into your home given the right circumstances. When was the last time you took a close look at your home’s foundation? Are there any cracks or breaches? If so, spiders, insects, and other pests could make their way inside. How about the seals of your doors and windows? Are there slight openings where utilities like plumbing, electrical, or cable make their way into the home? Anything not securely sealed is a potential way for pests to get inside. If you’re not sure how to secure these areas on your own, contact a professional. 

Contact Aspen Pest Control for your spider extermination needs in Clark County, Washington

Spiders are important, fascinating creatures that play a crucial role in certain ecosystems. We also think that people often have a very hard time with spiders, and that those people deserve the peace of mind of a pest-free household. If you’re experiencing the burden of spiders, or any other pest infestation, don’t hesitate to call Aspen Pest Control. We’re here to serve all your pest control needs, and we’re committed to providing environmentally-, child-, and pet-friendly extermination service. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about how we can help you and your loved ones live pest-free. Call us today for your free estimate!

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