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Do I Really Need Year-Round Pest Control?

by | May 28, 2021 | Aspen Pest Control

Pest control is often thought of as a “call on it when you need it” sort of service. We understand that, most of the time, most folks aren’t thinking too deeply about extermination services. After all, that’s our job, not yours. 

But here’s the thing we would encourage you to to consider: Pest infestations tend to reveal themselves at precisely the time when they’re most inconvenient. 

Say you’re about to host some family and friends to an outdoor get together when you suddenly discover that you have a wasp’s nest on your covered porch. Or you’re ready to spend a relaxing evening with the family watching a movie and enjoying some takeout, when in the corner of your eye you see what you think might be a mouse scurrying by. Perhaps you’ve been responsible about your diet all week long and you’ve decided it’s time for a treat, but when you open the cabinet to grab your box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you see that it — and just about everything else in there! — is covered in sugar ants. 

These are the sorts of things that we hear about from our clients nearly every day. They’re going about their business, enjoying their day, and have plans that have been drastically altered because there’s a pest emergency that simply has to be taken care of right away. 

They find themselves thinking, “What should I do?” “Who should I call?” “Where do I start?” “How many of these things am I dealing with?”

It’s overwhelming. And it’s why Aspen Pest Control exists. We have the training, experience, equipment, and ability to deal with just about any infestation situation you can imagine. Insects, rodents, spiders, and other nuisance pests are no match for Aspen because we dedicate ourselves to giving all of our clients the best service possible. 

Say goodbye to pests. Say hello to the Home Protection Plan.

Our goal is to put you and all of our clients in a position where they don’t have to worry about pest control. We all lead busy lives, and to have one fewer thing to take care of, to have just a little bit more peace of mind would be fabulous, wouldn’t it? 

That’s why we created the Home Protection Plan. Pests aren’t just an issue when you finally notice them, because pests tend to be up to something all year long, or you might be facing different issues with different pests at different times of the year. This month, it’s rodents. Next month, it’s yellow jackets. The month after that, who knows what. The point is, it’s seemingly never-ending and all too stressful. 

The Home Protection Plan is designed to combat this by providing you year-long protection against all sorts of pests. It’s predictable, it’s preventative, and it’s proven to work. In fact, over 90% of our new clients choose it for their pest control needs. Regardless of what pests come your way throughout the year, we’ve got you covered! Home Protection Plan: How does it work?

When you call for your consultation, we’ll send one of our expert technicians to get an understanding of your concerns before they conduct their examination. This can either take place outside the home, or outside and inside depending on your infestation, what the technician discovers, as well as your level of comfort. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, highly trained, and local to the area. 

They specialize in pest control, but they also specialize in service. They’ll never pressure you to accept service, but will provide you with a thorough set of recommendations for the best best control possible. 

When it comes to the inspection, we always go the extra mile. The more thorough we can be in our inspection, the more precise our recommendations and the more effective our service can be. We’ll pay special attention to those areas in and out of the home that might be attracting certain pests, like uncovered recyclables, trash, or pet foods, standing water, cluttered areas like garages, attics or crawl spaces, or areas that might encourage warmth and moisture, like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other plumbed rooms. 

More reasons why we recommend the Home Protection Plan

When it comes to pests, timing is everything

Though pests do have relatively predictable life cycles, you can’t necessarily predict when they’ll become a problem for you and your family, so why not take precautionary measures so that you don’t have to worry about them at all? 

With Home Protection Plan, our team of pest control specialists will arrive at your home once per quarter at a time most convenient for you, and will give your home’s exterior a thorough examination for trouble areas before applying the appropriate treatment. Want us to take a look at the inside of the house, too? We can do that, at no extra charge to you, and always use products that are environmentally-, pet-, and kid-friendly.

The Home Protection Plan is hassle-free extermination service

At least two business days before your already scheduled service, we’ll send you a reminder in the instance you need to reschedule. When we do arrive for all exterior services, you don’t even need to be there if you don’t want to be. To make our service even more contactless in order to reduce disruptions to your day, we’ll email you a detailed service report about our observations, recommendations, and what products we applied and where we applied them. And if you have any additional questions, our friendly and knowledgeable office staff are just a phone call away!

The Home Protection Plan is GUARANTEED pest control

Hey, pests are pests. Sometimes those resilient creatures might make their way back. In the instance that they do come back, so will we — and we’ll keep coming back for as long as it takes until we know for certain that the pests have been entirely eradicated. This comes as a courtesy with your personalized Home Protection Plan. At Aspen Pest Control, customer satisfaction is our top priority. 

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