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Effective Spider Extermination in Battle Ground, Washington

by | May 28, 2021 | Spider Control

Spiders are not the sort of creature that too many folks love, right? Don’t get me wrong, we at Aspen Pest Control are fascinated by all sorts of nuisance pests, but for us it’s a professional passion. 

Is a fear of spiders normal?

We’re not experts on phobias, but in our experience as exterminators, a dislike of spiders amongst our clients is pretty common! A lot of people in the United States — about 30% of all Americans — are said to experience some level of arachnophobia, which is the scientific term for having a fear of spiders. That’s 90 million people, all of whom, for one reason or another, severely dislike these creatures.

Of course, there are quite a few spiders that we should be fearful of. But what about in the Pacific Northwest specifically? According to research, of the 35,000 to 45,000 different species of spiders that are documented in the world (estimates do vary), about 5,000 reside in North America, and approximately 500 or so can be found in the Pacific Northwest.

Are there deadly spiders in the Pacific Northwest?

Of the 500 varieties of spiders that live in the PNW, can you guess how many are categorized as posing a fatal threat to humans according to the Washington State Department of Health? Two. That’s right, two. That said, let me be perfectly clear about something: all spiders are venomous. All of them. The important difference is that most spiders found in the Pacific Northwest aren’t venomous enough to pose a dire threat to humans. 

Perhaps even more comforting for those of us who live in the western portion of the Pacific Northwest is that the two spiders that do pose a threat to our well-being — the famed Black Widow and the slightly less well-known Yellow Sac spider — are usually only found in the eastern region of Washington, due to their preference for a more desert-like, arid climate. The temperate atmosphere of Battle Ground and the surrounding area just isn’t for them.

Now, some folks just have a predisposition to having an allergic reaction to spiders, even the ones categorized as being less harmful. If that describes you or a loved one, then our best advice to you as exterminators (and not medical experts) is to seek medical attention immediately if you’re experiencing any form of allergic reaction or discomfort from a spider bite. 

How does Aspen Pest Control exterminate spiders?

Spiders are disruptive and unpleasant to many people, which is why we specialize in the extermination and removal of spiders and their webs. When we serve our clients’ pest control needs, we’re dedicated to providing the greatest value possible. 

Whenever we’re serving someone who has a spider infestation, we always make certain to remove all locatable webs. This might seem insignificant, but it’s actually one of the key components to having an effective long-term eradication of spiders. 

A spider’s web is where they capture their food, and they spend a great deal of time crafting and repairing their webs. Get rid of their webs, and you’ve essentially cut off their source of food. Do this enough, and your home is no longer a desirable place to set up shop. 

Another reason why locating and removing their webs is so important is because spiders don’t have the same response to poisons or baits in the way that many insects do. For example, ants will take bait back to their colony where the many ants who live there will consume the bait, killing off the colony at its origin. This simply isn’t the case with spiders, so a different approach must be taken. 

The other way in which Aspen goes beyond the norm in our approach is by thoroughly examining every potential area in which spiders might get access to your home, including the areas that can crack or decay, like siding, under the eaves, or the foundation. Quarterly treatment for spiders — examination, web removal, and more — can help break their egg laying cycle and push them to find other areas to lay their eggs.

What else I should know about spider extermination?

Spiders are going to be looking for a secluded place to lay their eggs. This is why it’s so common to find spiders in areas like attics, basements, sheds, garages, and the like. These are places where there’s less foot traffic and often more clutter. Spiders love this because they have the safety to lay their eggs, growing their brood uninterrupted. 

When we do our consultation, we’ll examine areas like these to look for spiders as well as make recommendations for how you can prevent spiders from returning and how to make areas like these less desirable. 

So what is the simplest way to prevent spiders from setting up shop? Make sure to keep these areas clean and tidy. Reduce the clutter and clean. Repeat these steps often enough and the spiders will perceive these areas as higher traffic and not conducive to egg laying. It might feel like a bit of extra work on the front end, but in the long run it means a life without spiders, which sounds like it’s worth it, right? 

Another common way in which spiders enter the home are via house plants and Christmas trees. In the wild, it’s common for spiders to lay eggs on this type of vegetation, but when they get brought into the home, suddenly homeowners find themselves with hundreds of baby spiders to contend with! Give those plants a thorough examination before bringing them indoors, and if possible, have your Christmas tree shaken before entering the house. This rule applies to people as well! Making sure to thoroughly brush off clothing before coming back inside from outdoor activities can go a long way towards mitigating spider issues. And, if despite your best efforts, you still see the occasional spider inside, then let Aspen Pest Control lend a helping hand!

How do I get the best spider extermination service possible?

It’s simple! By calling Aspen Pest Control. We’re proud to work with families and business owners in Battle Ground and beyond. If you’d like a free consultation about your spider or other pest control needs, contact Aspen Pest Control today. We’d love to serve you!

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