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Why Your Oak Grove Home Deserves Year-Round Pest Control Services

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Aspen Pest Control

Pest infestations are unpredictable occurrences, but your ability to keep pests from invading your home doesn’t have to be. Learn why the majority of Aspen Pest Control’s new clients love the Home Protection Plan’s year-round service.

Have you ever considered preventative pest control?

If you’re like most folks, the answer is, “Probably not.” We tend to think of pest infestations as things that happen to us vs. things that we could take minor steps to avoid. And that attitude makes perfect sense. 

Pests are certainly not things that we’re inviting onto our property or into our homes, but there are several factors that will make an environment appealing to different pests, and if your home has just a few of those factors present, then odds are pests will make their way in or around your home. 

Being aware of these factors (which we’ll get into later) while also implementing year-round pest control services will do wonders for your quality of life, and will help you avoid those “surprise” pest infestation situations that always seem to occur at the worst times possible. 

What is the Aspen Pest Control Home Protection Plan?

The Home Protection Plan is a quarterly, four times per, year pest control service designed to exterminate pests that you have today while treating your home and property for pests that you’d otherwise get tomorrow without our services. 

This means you can rest easier knowing that when you want to host that outdoor barbecue, or enjoy any of the things you love with the people who matter most to you, that pests aren’t going to get in the way of you living your life the way you want to. The Home Protection Plan is proactive, preventative, and personalized to exactly what you and your home needs. 

Why the Home Protection Plan’s year-round pest control program is right for you

The Home Protection Plan is convenient — No need to worry about scheduling your pest control services. The Aspen team will work with you to schedule your quarterly services, giving you a heads up before we come to your home. After your initial consultation, you don’t even need to be home if we’re only applying treatment to your home’s exterior. We’ll email you a detailed overview of what we found and how we treated it.

You can tailor our services to pest seasonality — Our job is to understand the nesting cycle of all nuisance pests so that we can treat the pests you have and the pests you would if we didn’t intervene. We get to know your home and property and its vulnerabilities to create a plan that is suited exactly to your family’s needs, and that includes using products that are pet- and child-friendly, so you can go on living your life in exactly the way you want to. 

The Home Protection Plan is designed to make sure you’re completely protected, no matter what! Pests are resilient creatures that can sometimes pop up in between your regularly scheduled services. When that does happen, you can call us and we’ll come back to your home to reapply treatment for all pests in your plan, and we’ll keep coming back until you’re fully satisfied! 

Reasons why pests are choosing your home and property

ants crawling on tile counter

Standing water — All sorts of nuisance pests, from insects to rodents and beyond — thrive when standing water on your property is present. What’s more, these sorts of conditions can actually attract even more pests to your property. Spiders, for instance, love to eat the sorts of insects that are attracted to standing water. Water brings the insects. The insects bring the spiders. And so on. Remove the standing water from your property and you’re removing one of the reasons why your home was considered ideal by the pests in the first place.

Access to food outside — While it’s true that pests will attract pests, there are other ways in which pests can find nourishment on your property. The most common culprits are things like trash, recycling, and compost bins. If these containers aren’t tightly sealed, pests can make their way inside them, and the closer in proximity these pests are to your home, the more likely they will seek out ways to go inside the home, either for food, water, shelter, or safe areas to nest. 

Another way that pests access food outdoors is when items like pet food or even bird seed are stored in garages, sheds, or other outdoor areas, either in bags (which rodents can chew through or insects can make their way into) or in containers that aren’t sealed. 

As you might imagine, the best way to avoid attracting pests to these areas is by ensuring that your trash, recyclables, or pet foods are stored in airtight containers. If you’re someone who composts, then we would encourage you to turn your compost as often as is reasonable so that it breaks down quicker and is less appealing to pests.

Access to the home or safe areas in outbuildings —  As you might have already guessed from this list, pests need the same essentials for survival as just about any other creatures. Food, water, and shelter is pretty much all they need to survive. Your home has many potential vulnerabilities that pests will exploit if they are able to. 

mouse chewed hole in wall

We suggest to all homeowners that they periodically check their home and property for these vulnerabilities. When we do quarterly inspections for pests, we will share any concerns we find so that we can keep your loved ones safe and your life pest-free. 

The most common ways that pests make their way into the home is through areas like cracks in brickwork or foundations, broken door or window seals, traveling indoors via plants that are brought inside, small openings where utilities enter the home, wood piles that are stacked too close to the house, an overgrowth of plants of grass, cluttered areas in attics, basements, cellars, and garages, as well as other factors we can share during inspection. 

By regularly reviewing and maintaining these areas, you are drastically reducing your home’s appeal. By coupling these techniques with year-round pest control, infestations can soon become a thing of the past!

You deserve predictable, effective pest control. Contact Aspen Pest Control TODAY to learn more about how we’re helping homeowners in Oak Grove just like you live happier, healthier lives without the stress and threat of pests. 

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