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DO THIS To Exterminate Mice From Your Milwaukie, OR Home

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Milwaukie Pest Control

Facing a mouse infestation? We can help!

Realizing that your home and property have been infested by mice can feel discouraging. Many of our clients have made the assumption that having rodents means that their homes aren’t as clean as they should be, but that isn’t the case. 

Rodent infestations are incredibly common, and there are a few simple things that you can do in order to rid your home and property of the mice you have while preventing them from returning. Here are steps that your friends at Aspen Pest Control recommend you take to keep the mice away from your Milwaukie home.

Call professional pest control experts

One of the hardest aspects of ridding your home of mice is getting ahead of the infestation. Mice have a tendency to reproduce very quickly. A single mouse can give birth to as many as ten litters of pups per year, with each litter containing as many as fourteen pups. Now, imagine having multiple mice giving birth. That’s an awful lot of mice to contend with. 

At Aspen Pest Control, our team of pest control specialists are trained to consider every aspect of an infestation, and provide you hassle-free recommendations designed to fully exterminate the pests you have and give you advice and services that will prevent them from coming back in the future. 

Consider year-round pest control

We’ve developed a service offering called The Home Protection Plan. The Home Protection Plan is composed of quarterly, year-round pest control services that address your existing pest issues while also applying preventative treatment to potential trouble areas identified by our service technicians. 

The vast majority of our new clients choose this service because it’s effective, it’s affordable, and gives them the peace of mind they’re looking for. No one wants to deal with nuisance pests, let alone deal with, so we take those troubles off of your plate. This service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, meaning that if you should see pests in between regularly scheduled services, we’ll come over, free of charge, and troubleshoot the issue until we are able to see a decrease in activity.

Take stock of your yard

Odds are, you have mice or other rodents are your property because you’ve accidentally invited them there. Take a look around for these things, and follow our recommendations to make your yard less appealing to pests. 

Maintain your yard and edging — Lawns that aren’t trimmed and edged can create safe spaces for mice to travel around. Look around your home’s foundation, porches, decks, and outbuildings. Any unkempt areas should be trimmed and maintained. 

Remove standing water — Standing water is appealing not only to mice, but to a number of other nuisance pests, as well. Mosquitoes, for instance, will lay eggs in standing water. An abundance of mosquitoes will attract other pests, like spiders. It’s also a prime area for bacteria growth. In short, get rid of standing water, and you’ll be making your yard far less appealing to pests. 

Secure your trash, recycling, and compost — Mice are on the hunt for food, shelter, and water. If they explore your yard and find things like standing water, safe places to build nests, and reliable food sources, you’re sure to be facing an infestation. 

Unsecured trash is a big attraction for rodents. Our recommendation for trash and recycling bins is to store the items in containers that can be sealed tight. To take things a step further, you should consider a small storage shed for your bins. These small sheds come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, and not only look nicer than trash cans, they will also help keep pests away from your trash — and your home! 

Identify and repair any points of entry on the outside of your home — Mice are very small creatures. This, of course, isn’t news to anyone. But did you know that mice can space through a space comparable to the size of a dime? 

Your home, particularly areas like door and window seals, the areas where utilities enter the home, cracked brickwork, and broken siding can be particularly vulnerable to mice. 

Once or twice per year, we recommend reviewing these and other areas of your home to make sure that everything is in good working order. We can provide you with recommendations as a part of the Home Protection Plan, should we see any areas of concern while we’re doing our quarterly inspections and treatments. 

If mice are able to enter the home, they will look for areas that give them access to food, water, and warm shelter. Pay special attention to areas with plumbing. Mice will often build nests under sinks, in laundry rooms, and on the backs of appliances like refrigerators (the motor provides warmth). Garages, basements, crawl spaces, attics, you name it, mice will nest there if they feel that it’s safe. So if you suspect you might have mice, don’t delay! The sooner professional exterminators can address the issue, the better!

Are you concerned about mice in your home? Contact Aspen Pest Control TODAY. 

Our team is dedicated to ridding your home of pests, so you can get back to doing the things you love with the people you care most about. No matter how big or small your mouse problem, we have a plan for you. Call today!

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