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How To Get Rid Of A Spider Infestation In Damascus

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Aspen Pest Control

Spider infestation in Damascus? Aspen can help!

Now that spring has returned, so too will a variety of pests that need to be dealt with. A common pest on this list is, of course, the spider. 

Spiders are pervasive all over the world, of course, including where we live in the Pacific Northwest. The trouble is that most people do not like having spiders in or around their homes. At Aspen Pest Control, we provide comprehensive pest control services, including those related to spiders. 

In between contacting us for your free quote and us coming out to your home for your first service, it is a great idea to learn a few important things about spiders – why you have them, how you can get rid of them, and what you can do to prevent them from coming back. 

Why do I have spiders?

Like most creatures, spiders are looking for areas rich in the resources they need to survive. For spiders, this means areas where it is safe for them to spin webs and lay eggs, find reliable sources of food, as well as have access to water. 

This is why you’ll commonly find spiderwebs in more remote areas like in basements, attics, sheds, and other places where clutter is common but human foot traffic and the threat of predators is not. 

Standing water on your property represents two resource fulfillments for spiders. The first, of course, is access to water, and the second is that standing water tends to attract insects, providing additional potential food for the spiders. 

If your property or your home has other pests and insects, like flies, moths, and even other spiders, then the infesting arachnids will see this as a place where they can reliably get food. In this case, it is a good idea to call in a pest control professional. 

Garage window that is covered in spider webs
An old, bright window in a very dark room.

Are common house spiders dangerous?

In Oregon, the most common species of spiders you’re likely to encounter in or around your home are hobo spiders and giant house spiders. And although all spiders are venomous to a certain degree (their venom is how they stun and immobilize their prey), most spiders in our area are not venomous enough to cause humans harm. 

Sometimes, people do experience complications from these types of spider bites but those complications and the bites themselves are relatively rare. Should you or a loved one experience such complications, seek medical attention immediately, and, if possible, capture the spider so that the medical professionals can more easily identify what has caused you harm.

What about black widow or brown recluse spiders? Aren’t they dangerous?

Yes, these spiders can be dangerous. However, the brown recluse spider does not live in the Pacific Northwest, and can most commonly be found in southern and midwestern states. 

And though on rarer occasions the black widow has been seen in northwestern Oregon, you will more commonly see them in the southwestern and eastern portions of the state, due to their particular climate preferences. If you do encounter a black widow, or worse, receive a bite, you should seek medical attention, although the Oregon Department of Health does note that their venom is not usually strong enough to cause people harm. 

Many baby spiders in a web
Young Argiope argentata silver spider offspring standing on its web on a rosemary plant

How do I get rid of spiders in my home?

We recommend that you call on the assistance of professional pest control experts. Spiders require a comprehensive approach to treatment. 

At Aspen Pest Control, we apply pet, child, and environmentally friendly commercial-grade products in all of the necessary areas, but our services don’t end there. 

Additionally, we treat the other insects who have invaded your property in an effort to reduce the spiders’ sources of food, which, in effect, will also rid your home of other nuisance insects. 

Equally important to treating the spiders and other insects, is the removal of the spider webs in your home and around your property. 

A spider’s web is incredibly important to their existence. They spend a great deal of time constructing and maintaining their webs. Consistent removal of them sends a clear message that your home is not a friendly place to spiders, and they’ll seek out other areas to call home. 

What can I do to keep spiders from coming back?

As we’re assessing your home and property, we’ll identify any areas of concern that we see, including standing water, as well as environments that are friendly to infestation.

If your garage, shed, attic, or basement are particularly prone to clutter, one simple way you can make them less inviting to spiders is by regularly tidying these areas. Spiders choose them because there’s little foot traffic. They provide spiders privacy that makes them feel safe. Reduce your clutter, and you’ll help reduce your spiders. 

How do I get reliable pest control for spiders?

The answer is simple: Call Aspen!

Our team of pest control specialists are uniquely trained in helping Damascus homeowners like you get the pest control they need so they can focus on the people and things they love. 

Contact Aspen Pest Control TODAY to book your appointment!

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