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 We are so grateful to our neighbors in the Vancouver-Portland metro area for trusting us with their business. This blog serves as a resource for our community. If you have questions after reading a post, please give us a call! We are happy to help!

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Mice in West Linn

Mice control West Linn

Fall kicks off a season of beauty in West Linn, but those first couple of cold snaps also get underway the start to another much less pleasant in West Linn known as mouse season. Gross.   Mice are active all through the year in West Linn, but as the weather cools the rodents begin to prepare for the winter. Mice begin to look for a comfortable place with a reliable food source to wait out the cold weather. In the fall and winter our office receives a high volume of phone calls regarding mice problems in West Linn. The first step in contending with a mice problem is being able to recognize...

Ant Control in West Linn

Aspen Pest Control provides ant extermination services in West Linn.

It doesn’t matter how common it is, an ant infestation just feels embarrassing. You strive to keep your home clean, and despite the effort, ants still find their way inside. It’s gross. And It’s frustrating. And it always seems to happen when you’re about to have guests over. So what do you do to keep these little buggers out of the house for good? For starters, you call a professional. That’s what folks like us at Aspen Pest Control are here for. Sugar ant infestations in West Linn are an incredibly common occurrence, and we have the processes, experience, and commitment to service...

Do I Need Quarterly Pest Control in West Linn?

Quarterly Maintenance in Ridgefield

If you’re like most people, “pest control” is not something that springs to mind when asked the question, “What’s the key to a more stress-free home life?” Hey, we’re a home and commercial pest extermination service, and we understand that. Odds are, you have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and chores to do (in addition to a whole slew of other things, right?)  But those are the precise reasons we encourage folks just like you in West Linn and the greater Portland and Southwest Washington area to consider quarterly pest control. You don’t think you need it, but boy-oh-boy, when you need it,...

Spider Extermination In West Linn

Spiders in West Linn

Spiders are some of the most divisive creatures in the world. But why? What is it about spiders that so many people find so intimidating? More importantly, what type of spiders can people expect to see in West Linn, what can be done about them, and how can a relationship with an expert team of pest control professionals help you focus on the things you love vs. those eight-legged nuisances?         What are spiders?         Most of us are aware of what a spider is, but did you know that spiders are distinctly different creatures than insects?...

Aspen Pest Control: Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets in West Linn

Wasps in West Linn

If you’re like many of the clients we’ve worked with over the years, you’ve most likely found yourself in a pest situation when you have the least amount of time and attention to deal with it. How many times have you either hosted or attended a backyard event that’s suddenly been overrun with pests like flies, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, or other annoying (and sometimes even dangerous!) insects? It’s pretty common, right? And while many might have your standard off-the-shelf sprays to treat these stinging creatures, what seems helpful in the moment won’t provide a long-term solution...

Need Carpenter Ant Extermination in West Linn?

Carpenter ant in West Linn

Carpenter ants? Yikes! That doesn’t sound so good. And while we agree, we do want you to stay calm and know that carpenter ants, with the right know-how and professional support, can easily become a thing of the past.  In our estimation, educating our clients lies at the heart of delivering a great pest control experience. We want you to make decisions about your pest control needs with confidence, not just take action out of fear. While carpenter ants are pests that need to be dealt with swiftly and decisively, we also want you to know that you do have options when it comes to pest...

Ant Extermination in Washougal

Ant control in Washougal, WA.

Has it happened to you? Your house suddenly filled with sugar ants? That endless parade of insects that seems to know precisely where it’s going and clearly has no intentions of leaving. Only growing. And you’ve got company coming over this weekend! What are you gonna do? If you’re like most folks, you scramble to the nearest home building or gardening store, hit the pest control aisle and grab the first thing you can find labeled “ant killer.” You buy it, bring it home, and, hopefully you’ve read the directions far enough down the label that you’re looking for where the ants have entered...

Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jacket Extermination: What every Washougal Home and Business Owner Should Know

Stinging Insects in Washougal

It’s finally summertime. And while the way we’re treating our summers in 2020 is slightly different than it’s been in the past, we still have plenty of opportunities to safely and joyfully bask in the splendor of the summer months — the sunshine, the long, hot days, and the warm nights filled with chirping crickets, croaking frogs, and maybe the occasional firework or two.  Of course, one of our favorite summertime activities is enjoying the outdoors — particularly when we can share an outdoor meal with our families. There’s usually something for everyone at a backyard barbecue, and we...

Wasp, Hornet, and Yellow Jacket Extermination in Washougal

Wasps in Washougal

Having an infestation of wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets can be a big problem. Not only are these insects a nuisance, but they can also pose a threat to your safety — either through the pain their stings can cause or if you have an allergic reaction to their stings. Aspen Pest Control is committed to helping you understand these pests, the threat they pose, how to effectively get rid of them, and how you can prevent them from returning with the right long-term pest control plan. What are stinging insects? Stinging insects are a very broad category of pests that include honeybees,...

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