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Why You Should Set Up Recurring Pest Control Servicing

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Aspen Pest Control, Pest Control, Residential Pest Control

The Pacific Northwest is known for many things, including our pests. With the temperate weather, we don’t have a cold or hot season like other parts of the United States. Therefore, our pests are more of a year-round problem.

As an individual living in this part of the country, you may notice a general steady pest situation occurring in and around your time. Whether it is stink bugs or spiders, the weather makes it a very attractive area for pests to live and breed.

While many customers may call for the treatment of a certain pest, it is wise to schedule in routine, recurring pest control maintenance for your home and property. It may not seem worthwhile right now, but if you continuously find yourself dealing with pests, it is better to stay on top of the pest problem instead of having to tackle an infestation.

Here are a few reasons why setting up routine pest maintenance is worthwhile:

No matter the season, you will be protected against pests

While the Pacific Northwest is pretty predictable when it comes to year-round pests, some pests are more apparent during the colder times of the year. Pests such as Box Elder Bugs or Stink Bugs tend to make their presence known more in the winter due to them seeking shelter. Additionally, Ants, especially Sugar Ants, are a common nuisance, especially in the winter months.

Having a routine pest maintenance plan in place will ensure your home is treated for each pest causing you problems. Having a professional exterminator servicing your home on a regular basis means your home will be well-equipped for many different pests all year long.

Routine pest maintenance costs less over time

While it may seem like only paying once is the best option if you only need a one-time pest control problem, in reality, if you are dealing with pests, they will most likely be back.

Routinely having to make second and third calls for a problem you felt was fixed the first time will add up over time.  At the same time, routine maintenance usually comes with a discount attached to multiple services throughout the year, so you are saving money in the long-run. Keeping your home pest-free by setting up regular pest control servicing will also avoid unfortunate scenarios such as an infestation.

Pests will always be on our planet, but there are ways in which to control them–in an environmentally friendly way–without spending too much money. Aspen Pest Control of Vancouver, WA offers one-time treatments, but also monthly and other frequencies of treatment to best fit your needs. Contact us today for more info.

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