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 We are so grateful to our neighbors in the Vancouver-Portland metro area for trusting us with their business. This blog serves as a resource for our community. If you have questions after reading a post, please give us a call! We are happy to help!

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Carpenter Ants In Gresham? DO THIS!

Carpenter ants in Gresham

Are you a Gresham home or property owner? Do you have a carpenter ant infestation? You need Aspen Pest Control! Our trained, experienced, and effective technicians will help you address pesky carpenter ants in your home, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

How to Treat Carpenter Ants In Washougal

Carpenter ants in Washougal

Carpenter ants can cause significant damage to your home Carpenter ants have a justified reputation for being destructive little creatures. Though they may not have the notoriety of the termite (or the termite’s association with billions of dollars in property damage) they can nonetheless cause significant damage to your home or other buildings on your property if they were to go untreated.  Carpenter ants likely made their way inside your home due to moist or rotting wood. Unlike termites, who actually consume wood, carpenter ants burrow their way through wood, preferring dead,...

Spiders In Oak Grove? Call Aspen!

Spiders in Oak Grove

We’ve been wary of spiders throughout our history As of the time of this writing, just shortly before Halloween, spiders are experiencing a bit of an increase in visibility, at least in terms of their being a popular decoration. And there’s a good reason for that! People have a tendency to find spiders pretty spooky! In fact, arachnophobia (the clinical name for a fear of spiders) is one of the most common fears there is.  It is estimated that approximately a third of adult women and a quarter of adult men in the United States have some fear of spiders. Millions and millions of...

Why You Need A Professional for Carpenter Ants In Camas

Carpenter ants in Camas

You need to know what you’re up against Carpenter ants often get confused for termites. And though they are indeed similar, the type of damage they cause is different, and the approach to treatment is also tailored to the type of insect you’re dealing with. Full grown carpenter ants, which are black in color and sometimes have red or yellow accents, can sometimes grow up to one-half inch in length, placing them on the larger end of the North American ant spectrum.  You might be surprised to learn that carpenter ants do not consume wood. They are actually predators, and get their food...

Four Things You NEED TO KNOW about Carpenter Ants In Happy Valley

Carpenter ants in Happy Valley

Carpenter ants are not the same as termites Carpenter ants are often misunderstood to be the same insect as termites, but they’re actually very different creatures. It’s easy to see why this is the case, as there are several similarities, but here are some things you should know about the carpenter ant. Though there are over one thousand different varieties of carpenter ants around the world, the most common carpenter ant found in North America is the black carpenter ant. Black carpenter ants are among the largest ants you’ll see in our area, with fully grown adults measuring up to a...

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