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Ant Control in Gresham

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Ant Removal

Ant infestations are an entirely common occurrence. One day, everything is normal. Your home is neat and tidy. (Or, perhaps cozy and “lived in” as some might say.) But the very next day, a seemingly limitless parade of ants is marching through your foyer. Horrified, you grab some ant killer from the garage and have at ‘em. But, hours later, they’re still there. And they’re still coming? Why? Why don’t store-bought ant killers always work? What should you do? And who should you call?

We’re here to help you understand what kind of infestation you’re probably experiencing, the risks associated with your infestation, options for home treatment, resources for professional help, and tips on long-term prevention of ant infestations.

What kind of ant infestations are common in Gresham?

Odds are, you’re ant infestation is of the sugar ant variety. Also known as stink or coconut ants, sugar ants are small insects that stay true to their namesake. These glucose-driven creatures possess highly sensitive receptors on their antennae that help them seek out sugar, their primary source for energy. Nectar-secreting plants and trees compel ants into your yard, meaning it’s only a matter of time before their sugar receptors recognize that there’s a whole lotta potential for sweet treats within the four walls of your happy home. And if there’s a way to get in, they will.

How did sugar ants get inside my Gresham home?

Due to their size and determination, sugar ants have a variety of options for gaining entry to your home. Houseplants, small openings where utilities enter the home, poorly sealed windows and doors, or a cracked foundation are the perfect entryways for sugar ants. Once inside, they’ll seek out the darkest, most humid, and moisture-prone areas of your home to set up shop. Due to these preferences, kitchens and bathrooms are favorites of the sugar ant, and are likely places where you’ll find a colony working to establish itself.

Though sugar ants do not pose threat of physical harm or property damage, a home overrun with ants poses extreme threat to your comfort and lifestyle.

What are the best home treatment options for ant infestations?

When looking at available products at your local hardware or home building store, you’ll notice that most products fall into two broad categories: bait and quick-kill treatment methods. The primary difference? Quick-kill is designed for the eradication of those ants that are visible, meaning its effectiveness is somewhat limited. These products are also limited in that they can potentially fragment colonies, exponentially duplicating your ant infestation issues.

The second method, called baiting, is our preferred method because it draws the poison used for treatment directly to the source of the colony, increasing your chances of total eradication.

If you choose a DIY treatment, please remember this: Use extreme caution. The pesticides used in treating ant infestation is a poison that can cause extreme harm and even death, particularly in children and pets. Follow all instructions accompanying these products.

How can I prevent sugar ants from entering my home?

Preventative methods for ant infestation aren’t particularly difficult, but do require discipline in a time where we’re all so busy and on-the-go. Here are a few simple tips for keeping sugar ants out of your home:

  • Keep all eating and food prep surfaces — on top of and below — free from spills, crumbs, and all forms of food waste
  • Fix loose or broken seals on windows and doors (will probably help you with your energy bills, too!)
  • Repair cracks in your home’s foundation
  • Find and remove any standing water from your property
  • Empty your kitchen trash and recycling — daily
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in your sink or dishwasher (and empty the latter after washing as soon as is reasonable)

Should I contact a professional for my sugar ant infestation?

Absolutely. Infestations like yours are precisely why we’re in business. Our technicians are adept at treating sugar ants, and we provide long-term treatment solutions to keep your lovely little Gresham home ant- and worry-free.

We offer free, no pressure estimates and same day service for no extra charge. Our results are 100% guaranteed and we use EPA approved products that are safe for your family and pets.

Aspen Pest Control’s specialized treatments that are designed to eradicate colonies at their source, and are more reliably effective than DIY methods. We’re so confident in our approach, that we proudly offer Gresham homeowners like you a free re-service guarantee — if your sugar ant problem comes back, we’ll come back, too, absolutely free of charge.

Call us today to discover why your neighbors in Gresham and beyond are loyal customers of Aspen Pest Control.

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